Kinesis CX disc wheelset - cyclocross wheels
Kinesis CX disc cyclocross wheels
Kinesis CX Disc cyclocross wheels (V5)
Kinesis CX Disc cyclocross wheels
Kinesis CX Disc (V5) - cyclocross wheels
Kinesis CX Disc wheels (V5)
Kinesis CX Disc cyclocross wheels (V5)
Kinesis Crosslight CX Disc Wheels
Kinesis Crosslight CX Disc Wheelset
Kinesis crosslight CX disc cyclocross wheel
Kinesis crosslight CX disc cyclocross wheels

Kinesis CX Disc Wheels (V5) | Cyclocross Wheels

Perfect cyclocross wheels for punishing cross courses or all day gravel epics.


We have taken our renowned Crosslight Disc wheelset and improved it further by refining the rim profile, sourcing lighter weight hubs and lacing them together with Sapim Race spokes to create the Kinesis CX Disc Cyclocross Wheels.

The Kinesis Crosslight CX Disc is the perfect Cyclocross, Gravel or Adventure premium aluminium wheelset. It features an all new custom lightweight tubeless ready rim made from high strength 6061 aluminium with a 26mm external width, a 23mm internal width and a 22mm disc specific deep profile. The rim is also pinned and welded making it incredibly strong, and combining this with the new wider profile, will withstand punishing ‘Cross courses, all day Gravel epics or your next bike-packing adventure. We recommend tyre widths between 28c and 45c.

For durability we have built the Crosslight CX Disc v5 around CNC machined, angled flanged, lightweight hubs. The angled flanges follow the path of the spoke, reducing the stress on the spoke and increasing its lifespan. The Kinesis Crosslight CX Disc hubs are easily adaptable to Sram XD driver or Campagnolo freehub bodies. Smoothness is everything in a hub and that is why we chose Revo Cream bearings, which as the name suggests, are one of the smoothest and best rolling bearings on the market. We supply these cyclocross wheels with tubeless tape and valves fitted, and both Thru Axle end caps and QR end caps, so that your wheels are ready to fit, straight from the box.

Our hubs and rims are laced together with Sapim Race double butted spokes. Sapim spokes are favoured by wheel builders all over the world, as every spoke is meticulously monitored and checked throughout the entire production process, and this attention to detail ensures all our wheels are evenly tensioned and will stay truer for longer. For the Kinesis Crosslight CX Disc v5 we have chosen the double butted Race for their high strength and low weight.

• RIMS: Tubeless ready clincher. 28h, 26mm wide, 23mm internal width, 22mm deep true disc-specific profile, High Strength 6061 alloy T-6 heat treated.
• REAR HUB: Lightweight 7075 alloy hub shell, Revo Cream Bearings, 11spd. 3 pawl alloy freehub, Centrelock disc mount. 9mm QR / 142 x 12mm Thru axle end caps provided.
• FRONT HUB: Lightweight 7075 alloy hub shell, Revo Cream bearings, Centrelock disc mount. 9mm QR / 12mm Thru axle end caps provided.
• SPOKES: Sapim Race double butted, with Sapim Polyax black anodised alloy nipples. 28-hole, three cross build.
• FREEHUB: 11 speed ready Shimano freehub (with adaptor spacers for 9/10speed included)
• Tubeless Tape and valves fitted
• WEIGHT: Front: 800g. Rear: 920g.


Front Disc Side: 295mm
Front Non Disc Side: 298mm

Rear Drive Side: 295mm
Rear Non Drive Side: 297mm

Cycling Plus


Kinesis has a great reputation for delivering high performance at low prices, and these versatile wheels are no different.

The shallow disc-specific rims mean no extra braking surface weight, so they feel ultra-responsive through the fast engaging freehub.

The wide tubeless ready rims support 35mm cyclo-cross tyres at low pressures and fatten up 25mm and 28mm rubber noticeably.

Mid-tension differential driveside/brakeside/offside spoking gives them a forgiving but not flaccid feel, and they stayed totally true throughout a serious test battering.

Centre-lock rotor mount adaptors are included and axle conversion kits are available.

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