Kinesis Tripster ACE bike
Kinesis Tripster ACE bike detail
Kinesis Tripster ACE bike
Kinesis Tripster ACE bike
Kinesis Tripster ACE bike details
Kinesis Tripster ACE bike
Kinesis Tripster ACE bikes
Kinesis Tripster ACE bike
Kinesis Tripster ACE bike
Bruce Kinesis Tripster ACE bike

Tripster ACE - BIKE


‘ACE’ stands for Adventure. Commute. Explore.

Adventure cycling, distance racing, touring, sportives or even cyclocross, the Kinesis Tripster ACE bike will take all of these in its stride.

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If you love mixed riding & want something that’s exotic, light, fast & versatile, look no further then the Tripster ACE. Featuring a lower Bottom Bracket than a cross bike, making for a stable and swift on-road companion but with a more relaxed head angle making it comfortable off-road too. Hydraulic disc brakes mean fantastic braking in all conditions and reflective elements in the detailing will help keep you visible. Clearance for 40mm tyres with full mudguards (and rack mounts) give you plenty of options for use on road or off.

For a lightweight, fun and incredibly versatile riding companion, look no further than the Kinesis Tripster ACE.

Bike Build List •Frameset: Lightweight 6061 double-butted.
•Fork: Tripster ACE Carbon
•Drivetrain: Shimano SORA 2×9
•Disc Brakes: Tektro Vela hydraulic
•Wheelsets: Tripster Disctrict
•Reflective Tyres: WTB Trekking-X 40c
•Grips: WTB grips with reflective bar end plugs
•Saddle: Freedom by WTB, Kinesis UK AON
•Seat Post: Tripster
•Bar: Tripster
•Stem: Tripster
•Sizes 48, 51, 54, 57, 60, 63cm [c/t]

Kinesis Tripster ACE bike geometry

Road CC

Super simple bike that won't let you down.


Road CC

Verdict: Well-specced and solid-feeling workhorse bike that's fun to ride and built to last.

The ride: comfortable, leisurely

The alloy frame and carbon fork of the Tripster are reasonably stiff, which makes the bike a predictable beast when you're taking a downhill corner or stomping away from the lights. The big-chamber tyres offset that, and the result is a bike that feels quite direct while still remaining fairly comfortable for a longer ride. Everything on the Tripster ACE works well. The 2x9 Shimano Sora drivetrain barely skipped a beat, as usual. The Tektro Vela brakes are fairly cheap but performed admirably, with plenty of power on offer and very little fade even when I was being deliberately naughty. The Tripster-branded wheels are excellent: tightly built with good quality rims on Shimano hubs….and the 40mm WTB tyres do a good job of protecting them from damage. They have a reflective sidewall strip, which is good news around town, and that's complemented by the WTB grips which also have a reflective end cap for extra side-on visibility. The Tripster is best at cruising speed. If your journey involves getting off the beaten track a bit, then the ACE isn't fazed at all by that; anything short of proper rocky singletrack is handled with ease.

Overall: well specced and well-made

For £800 ….the bike certainly doesn't feel like there's been any corners cut. That's the most enjoyable thing about the Tripster ACE: that it holds together as a bike so well. Selling whole bikes is a fairly new endeavour for Kinesis, who have tended to concentrate more on frame and fork. But they've nailed this one: there's nothing about the Tripster ACE you'd need to change: it works really well as a full bike, straight out of the box. The transmission is more or less faultless, the brakes are powerful, the wheels are strong and capable, the tyres are predictable. It's fun to ride, and quite versatile too. I'd certainly recommend it.


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