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Large 4000x1376px
FEND OFF Mudguards
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FEND OFF Mudguards for road bikes
FEND OFF Mudguards
road bike mudguards
FEND OFF Road Bike Mudguards
FEND OFF Mudguards
FEND OFF Mudguards
FEND OFF Road Bike Mudguards
FEND OFF Mudguards
FEND OFF Mudguards on a road bike
FEND OFF Road Bike Mudguards on a bike
FEND OFF Road Bike Mudguards in use
FEND OFF Road Bike Mudguards top view
FEND OFF Road Bike Mudguards


Now updated for Winter 2018


Updated for Winter 2018

When you live in the UK, you gain an appreciation for a good set of mudguards.
The beautiful British weather that we experience can be ever changing and trying to keep dry and warm means mudguards become an all-round essential item to fit to your road bike.

Whether you ride on your own or in a group, mudguards make rides in wet and muddy weather conditions a pleasure rather than a pain.

Not only do they keep you dry and clean, but they prevent surface water and debris from collecting and clogging up the mechanics of your bike and weighing you down.

They help keep your bike cleaner, so you’ll spend less time cleaning and servicing your bike.

• Anodized Aluminium and adorned with laser graphics.
• They provide full-wrap coverage and are full metal guards.
• The header card can be converted to durable polypropylene mud flaps.
• Updates for Winter 2018
- New Anodised Silver colourway
- Cut outs on the rear mudguard to ease fitting into tight chainstays
- Longer reach seat stay bridge to accommodate larger tyres
- Crimped area on the front guard to fit into tight fork crowns
- bolts included for the mudflaps

• Fend Off mudguards will fit up to a 30mm tyre, so spot on for a 4SDISC which takes up to 30mm tyres for full guards.

• Weight: 637g including all the hardware and mud flaps.

• Please read the Installation Manual PDF before purchasing to ensure that you have the suitable fittings on your bike to mount these mudguards.

Review Submission by John Mills - Dec 2017

No more of a faff to fit than some others but a more solid, rattle free finish. Top Marks kinesis.
The 40mm profile is a great choice as it fits most road frames better than 45mm used by others and I love the packaging mudflaps :)
The only issue I found was limited clearance for Di2 band on front mechs.
I needed to put a "joggle" in the rear guard edge to clear. A minor issue on a great product.


Fiddly to mount, but very sturdy, and offering superb coverage, as well as being rather handsome.

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