Kinesis Aithein EVO frameset
Kinesis Aithein EVO frames
Kinesis Aithein EVO frame
Kinesis Racelight Aithein EVO frameset
Kinesis Racelight Aithein EVO frame
Kinesis Racelight Aithein EVO
Kinesis Aithein EVO frameset
Kinesis Aithein EVO frameset
Kinesis Aithein EVO frame
black Kinesis Racelight Aithein EVO
Kinesis Aithein EVO frameset
Kinesis Racelight Aithein EVO frameset
Kinesis Raceligth Aithein EVO frame
Kinesis Racelight Aithein EVO frames
Kinesis Aithein EVO frameset fork
Kinesis Aithein EVO frameset
Kinesis Aithein EVO frame
Kinesis Aithein EVO frames
Kinesis Racelight Aithein EVO frameset
Kinesis Racelight Aithein EVO frames
Kinesis Aithein EVO
Kinesis Racelight Aithein EVO
James 2 Kinesis Racelight Aithein EVO
James on the Kinesis Racelight Aithein EVO

Aithein Evo Aluminium Road Frameset

The Kinesis Aithein EVO is a fast paced British designed and tested racing machine.

*Available as a Frameset Only.


Whether its racing the local crits or winning the sprint for the sign on the chain gang or simply not being last to the coffee shop the new Kinesis Aithein EVO is a bike that likes to be ridden at pace. This Aluminium road bike frame has increased tyre clearance for up to 28mm tyres.

The Kinesis Aithein EVO frame has several changes to improve the ride such as a new downtube that provides internal cable routing, slackening the tapered headtube by ½ degree and increased tyre clearance for up to 28mm tyres for enhanced speed and grip.

• Di2: Ready

• SEAT POST: 31.6mm

• SEAT CLAMP: 34.9mm

• FRONT MECH: Braze-on fitting

• BRAKES: Designed for short drop caliper brakes

• BB: ‘BSA′ English Threaded BB

• HEADSET: Integrated, 41.8ø upper, 51.8ø lower, for taper head tube. FSA No.42/ACB headset included with frame

• TYRE CLEARANCE: up to 28mm tyres (brand depending)

• COLOURS: Anodised Black or Metallic Candy Red

• SIZES: 47cm / 50cm / 53cm / 56cm / 59cm

• BLACK ANODISED FRAME WEIGHTS: 47cm = 1.25 kg / 50 = 1.30 kg / 53 = 1.36 kg / 56 = 1.42 kg / 59 = 1.50 kg

• RED PAINTED FRAME WEIGHTS: 47cm = 1.33 kg / 50 = 1.38 kg / 53 = 1.43 kg / 56 = 1.52 kg / 59 = 1.60 kg

• Advanced, Superplastic Formed, ‘Anti Gravity’ seat tube, adds immense core stability to the frame, allowing us to lighten the main tubes.

• Internal routed cables on the downtube.

• Increased clearance for up to 28mm tyres for more grip, speed and comfort.

• Lightweight Race Frame

• 330g monocoque carbon, taper 1.5” stiff fork.

• Taper Head Tube.

• BSA thread bottom bracket for ease of use and serviceability.

• Tough anodised frame finish with laser-etched graphics and special decals.

Please Note: Minimum 52t front chainring.

• HEADSET: Both bearings are ‘ACB’, meaning ‘Angular Contact Bearings’. The head-tube bearing seat angle is 45º. The headset drops into a tapered seat in the head tube and is tensioned using a headset tensioner within the fork steerer.
Tensioning the headset centres, it on the taper and prevents any play. The larger lower bearing allows a tapered steerer and larger crown. This gives a stronger fork with a sharper response and helps reduce flex under braking.

• BB: BSA threaded bottom bracket is now standard on the Kinesis Aithein Evo frameset although designed to be used with a 24mm spindle this system can work with 30mm spindles using a Praxis M30 BSA bottom bracket.

• KINESIUM: Developed by Kinesis International, Kinesium is a superb tubing for use in lightweight, high performance frames. Kinesium is enhanced 6000 series Aluminium alloy, which is 25% stronger than 6061 at the same weight level.

• SPF: The Aithein EVO uses Kinesis developed ‘Super-Plastic Formed’ tubing technology for its unique seat tube.
SPF is the modern version of ‘Hydroforming’, it uses far higher temps. to produce complicated shapes in thinner wall tubing than was possible with Hydroforming. The result is lighter weight tubing that can be formed to make the frame perform exactly as we require.

• FORK: The Aithein EVO uses a specially developed, 330g monocoque carbon, taper 1.5” fork.

• ULTRA SMOOTH WELD PROFILE: This frame is joined using Kinesis developed smooth weld technology, giving tough, stress-free welds and clean appearance.
The welding technique performed without secondary finishing or sanding, so weld bead and tube are left at full strength.

• ANTIGRAVITY SEAT TUBE: The SPF ‘AntiGravity’ seat-tube gives huge ‘core stability’ to the frame, it means the main tubes are under less torsional strain and means we can lighten them.
The wide base and special profile of this advanced tube keeps the BB stable and delivers maximum power output at the wheel.

Aithein Evo

Frame Size Seat Tube C/T 47cm 50cm 53cm 56cm 59cm
Seat Tube C/C 430 460 490 520 550
Virtual Top Tube 520 535 550 570 595
Actual Top Tube 510 528 540 559 584
Head Tube 100 110 140 170 200
Chainstay 405 405 405 405 405
Wheel Base 977 983 985 998 1023
BB Drop 68 68 68 68 68
Seat Angle 75 74.5 73.5 73 73
Head Angle 71 71.5 72 72.25 72.25
Reach 386.7 389.9 392.6 396.2 412.4
Stack 497.5 508.7 539 568.5 597.1
Stand Over 701 729 755 783 811
Frame Only Weight (KG) Black 1.25 1.30 1.36 1.42 1.50
Frame Only Weight (KG) Red 1.33 1.38 1.43 1.52 1.60
Height Guide (cm) 152-162 162-172 172-182 180-186 186-192


Aimed mainly at crit racers or anyone who just doesn’t want to be last to the coffee stop on the club ride, the Aithein EVO is a bike designed for sheer unadulterated speed.

The new frame is available in two colour choices, both of which look absolutely stunning in the flesh.
The black option you see here which has a smart anodised finish, or a glossy, metallic ‘candy red’ that is sure to appeal to those who like to stand out from the crowd.



The Ride:
The skinny-tubed Aithein is supremely compliant over chattery surfaces. Add in the silky smooth and supple Challenge tyres and you’ve got a bike that’ll match many dedicated carbon endurance bikes in the comfort stakes.
Power delivery is spot on, with every pedal stroke met with an unwavering stiffness, making the Evo a punchy accelerating bike.



There’s a pleasing simplicity about the Aithein Evo, both in its raw, uncensored ride feel and also in the visual sense, especially in this black anodised frame.
Its performance unquestionably belies its price tag and as a prospect for a great value race rig, it’s a sound investment.


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