Kinesis Decade Tripster ATR V2
Kinesis Tripster ATR frameset
Kinesis Tripster ATR adventure bike frame
Kinesis Tripster ATR V2 frameset
Kinesis Tripster ATR frame
Kinesis Tripster ATR frameset
Titanium adventure bike frameset
Kinesis Tripster ATR V2 frameset
Kinesis Tripster ATR frame
Kinesis Tripster ATR adventure frame
Kinesis Tripster ATR
Kinesis Tripster ATR v2 bike
Kinesis Tripster ATR v2 bike detail
Kinesis Tripster ATR v2 frame parts
Kinesis Tripster ATR frame
Kinesis Decade Tripster ATR
Kinesis Tripster ATR bike
Kinesis Tripster ATR bike frame
Kinesis Tripster ATR Adventure Bike
Kinesis Tripster ATR V2 Adventure Bike

Tripster ATR Titanium Adventure Frameset

Adventure. Tour. Race.


Use the Kinesis Tripster ATR for adventure cycling, distance racing, touring, sportives or cyclocross.

With the original Kinesis Decade Tripster ATR back in 2012, we were an early mover in the trend towards a more capable, adventure focussed, drop barred off road bike and it quickly became one of the most popular framesets we’ve ever produced.
They’ve been much loved companions on roads and trails from Kingston upon Thames to Kazakhstan as they proved an almost perfect choice for exploring, fast and far.

Since the launch of the original Tripster ATR model, we’ve taken extensive feedback from our customers and ambassadors as well as noticed that many people are increasing the amount of technical riding they’re doing on drop barred bikes.

In developing the Kinesis Tripster ATR v2 adventure bike frameset we’ve kept all of the best features of the old bike but taken the capability up to a new level.
We’ve enhanced the strength of the bike through a new custom tube set, increasing the gauge on the down tube and flattened off the base of the top tube.
This allows frame bags to sit more securely or to make it more comfortable for you to shoulder the bike for longer carrying sections of any adventure.

We’ve also changed the rear triangle to include a Shimano flat mount tucked out of the way on the chain stay along with through axle compatibility.
For flexibility we’ve developed a switchable drop out system allowing a choice of either 9 x 135 QR or 12 x 142mm through axle.

The Kinesis Decade Tripster ATR v2 now features internal routing with brake and shifter cables/hoses (and/or Di2 wiring) inside the frame.
This reduces the chance of muck and detritus getting into your cables, helping ensure you have crisp shifting regardless of the conditions.
Also new is a 3rd bottle cage so you can securely carry even more on the bike using a caddy or fuel bottle for trekking across the Himalaya’s if you wish to.

Tyre clearance has been increased to up 45mm tyres (or up to 40mm with mudguards) and it’s also possible to run 650B wheels with 2.0 MTB tyres as well, increasing choice and versatility.

Whilst doing all of the above, we took the opportunity to revise the geometry, adjusting the bottom bracket height to increase off-road performance whilst ensuring the bike feels stable and planted at all times.
This combined with the long top tube and slack head tube angle creates an adventure bike frameset that excels with a shorter stem and wider bars.

The new Tripster ATR v2 will inspire you and give you the confidence to go the distance on every adventure.

The Tripster ATR v2 is now sold frame only to allow owners to pair it with the fork of their choice.


• Di2 ready
• Internal cable routing
• Shimano flat mount inboard rear disc caliper mount
• Multi dropout system; 12 x 142mm with through axle supplied [or 10 x 135mm QR option]
• Welded triple bottle cage and rack mounts
• Shoulder flat added for comfort when carried and stability of bike packing bags
• Welded rack and ‘guard mounts, triple bottle cage mounts.
• SEAT POST: 31.6mm
• FRONT MECH: Band-on 34.9
• BB: 68mm. British Threaded.
• HEADSET: Integrated, 41.8ø upper, 51.8ø lower, for taper head tube. FSA No.42/ACB
• 32mm long flat mount disc brake bolts required for the frame.
• SIZES: 48cm- 51cm – 54cm – 55.5cm - 57cm – 60cm – New 63cm
•Weight - 2000g frame only - 54cm

This high quality, disc brake ready, Titanium adventure bike frame is built in the same factory as our highly praised Racelight GF_Ti frame.

All internal routing parts, rear through axle and flat mount to post mount adapters included with frame.

Both bearings are ‘ACB’, meaning ‘Angular Contact Bearings’. The head-tube seat angle is 45º. The headset drops into a tapered seat in the head tube and is tensioned using a headset tensioner within the fork steerer. Tensioning the headset centres it on the taper and prevents any play.
The larger lower bearing allows a tapered steerer and larger crown. This gives sharper response and helps reduce flex under braking.

TAPER HEAD TUBE: Machined from Ti billet. The 1.5″ lower bearing allows a tapered fork steerer and larger crown. This gives sharper response and helps reduce flex under braking. Increased head tube dia. gives more weld area at the most highly stressed point.

Ti3AL/2.5V: An aerospace grade alloy, 94% titanium, 3% aluminium and 2.5% vanadium. This is one of the strongest alloys of titanium available in a seamless tube form.

CWSR: ‘Cold Worked Stress Relieved’ tubing. The tubing is shaped cold and then goes through a process to remove the stresses built up within the tube during forming.

‘ANTI ROAD SHOCK’ SEAT STAYS: The ‘hourglass’ bend, seat stays are shaped to give maximum comfort for long hours in the saddle.

SHIMANO FLAT MOUNT; Inboard disc caliper mount keeps the caliper out of the way of racks etc. Post mount 160 adapter included

SWITCHABLE DROPOUTS; 12 x 142mm Through axle supplied, 10 x 135mm QR option

Trister ATR

Frame Size Seat Tube C/T 48cm 51cm 54cm 55.5cm 57cm 60cm 63cm
Seat Tube C/C 430 460 490 505 520 550 580
Virtual Top Tube 525 540 550 560 570 585 600
Actual Top Tube 508.8 524.8 535.4 543.3 553.7 568.8 585.5
Head Tube 120 135 160 172.5 185 210 225
Chainstay 440 440 440 440 440 440 440
Wheel Base 1021.4 1032.7 1038.25 1043.8 1054.4 1065.0 1074.4
BB Drop 70 70 70 70 70 70 70
Seat Angle 74 74 74 73 73 73 72.5
Head Angle 70 70.5 70.5 70.5 70.5 71 71
Reach 370.2 380.6 383.8 384.7 385.6 392.8 397.3
Stack 539.9 555.9 579.4 591.2 603 628.7 642.9
Stand Over(700c) 699 728 757 769 783 812 839
Stand Over(650b) 682 711 740 752 766 795 822
Frame Only Weight (KG) 1.90 1.95 2.00 2.03 2.06 2.16 2.20
Height Guide (cm) 154-164 164-172 172-178 178-182 182-186 186-192 192-202


"A genuinely great all-rounder, with the DNA of one of the original do-it-all framesets. … solid practicality and a predictable, fun ride.
You probably already know whether you want one…you are highly unlikely to be disappointed. …it will be a sorely missed member of the grit test fleet."

"The ATR feels efficient and smooth, without being flexy"


Review Submission by Tom Searby - August 2017

Hi Kinesis,
I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the support during the Transcontinental Race and designing such a great bike.
My ATR Tripster had a lot of fun bouncing around the cobbles, tracks and rough roads of Eastern Europe, without a single mechanical! (one puncture 35k from the final parcour excluded).
Such a great bike and I look forward to entering her into some gravel races over the autumn.

Many Thanks
Tom Searby (cap 163)

Road CC

This is a capable and beautiful titanium all-rounder that offers a great ride on or off road.


Bikes Etc:

Out on the open road it had no problem keeping up with a group of slick-tyred roadies, and when the tarmac ended, that long wheelbase and low bottom bracket gave our novice off-roader the confidence to keep up with the faster MTB riders.
If you ever worried 40mm tyres were slow, think again.
Some credit for that must also go to the fantastic brakes which have a unique, and much-loved lever shape.
No doubt about it, the Tripster is exactly the kind of bike we’d like to own – confident, fun-loving and versatile thanks to its copious ground clearance and rack mounts. With a frame and fork starting at £1,500, it needn’t be all that expensive either, although the build here has really sparked our imagination.

The Tripster inspires confidence whatever the road surface, and has enough tyre clearance to really play it fast and loose….
…it opened our eyes to how much great riding we’ve missed on our doorstep, which is exactly what these bikes are all about.


URBAN Cyclist:

“Tripster ATR frameset must be on your shortlist.”

…the Tripster is well equipped to handle weekdays to work and pretty much anything else at the weekend. Clearly, this ATR has been designed to last.

We’ve built our test frame into a fast, do-it-all machine with big volume slicks, carbon disc wheels and cockpit from Zipp and a Brooks saddle.
It’s slightly eclectic, and it certainly isn’t a cheap build, but it weighs in at less than 9kg (58cm) and its range of abilities is simply incredible.

…a lower bottom bracket than a ’crosser which makes it stable and swift handling on-road but get off the beaten path and the slightly more relaxed ’cross-derived head angle makes it comfortable over bumps and rough surfaces.

With hundreds of miles beneath its wheels already, the Tripster ATR is a frameset we’d be happy to use anywhere: on towpaths and byways and even off-road trails with the right tyres. With a set of slicks fitted, we’d be happy to take it on an audax or tour, too. If you are looking for a true do-everything bike with exciting levels of performance, then the beautifully put together

Article here

Cycling Active:

If you love mixed riding and want something that’s exotic, light, fast and versatile, look no further.

KinesisUK, Decade Tripster ATR: British-designed bike for all conditions
There’s no denying that cyclo-cross, gravel, do-it-all bikes are really taking off at the moment. These machines try to tick as many boxes, and offer as much versatility, as possible.

It’s clear that much love has been put into this frame. The tapered head tube is a thing of real beauty, with the head badge machined directly into a solid piece of billeted 3al/2.5v titanium.
This careful attention to detail is evident throughout, all the way from the neat welds, to the curving, flowing, tapered lines, and precisely applied graphics.
What gives this bike the edge over its competition is the amount of clearance; it allows you to run up to 40mm tyres with mudguards — the equivalent of a thin mountain bike tyre.
That’s a big nod towards the versatility of this bike.

The hand-built Kinesis CX Disc wheels were a revelation in terms of their lightness, yet were surprisingly very robust. They’re not suitable for very skinny tyres, but everything else should work well.

The ride
The fast acceleration of the bike was instantly apparent — and surprising given that I was using 38mm tyres.
A long head tube and big clearance at the fork means the cockpit of the bike is high, creating a more upright riding position.
The long wheelbase provides a surefooted platform; nonetheless, the steering is direct and agile enough to inspire confidence on urban jaunts.

This bike is expensive, but you do get what you pay for. It is a fine example of good design and quality workmanship.
What’s more, it really will last you, and we’re talking decades — if you look after it.
As a bike to simply enjoy riding — whatever, wherever and without worrying — it’s great.
… if you enjoy a variety of cycling and only want one bike for everything, this is really worth considering.


Road CC

Overall: a great bike to have in the shed

Realistically, not that many of us are going to be doing much gravel racing in the UK, which is the sort of racing the R in ATR most closely matches. Neither are many of us about to set off on a big adventure to far-flung places, although I've no doubt that this bike would be a capable companion. But if you're looking for a bike for Audaxes, Touring and general Ranting about the ATR is a brilliantly capable bike. It's lovingly made, the ride quality is excellent and it'll throw its hand at most things with only minimal changes to the build. It's not one bike for everything, but it's certainly one bike for the n+1 list.


Capable and beautiful titanium all-rounder with a great ride

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