Replacement spokes for our Sector wheelsets.

The Sector hubs and rims are laced together with Pillar spokes. Pillar spokes are favoured by wheel builders all over the world, as every spoke is meticulously monitored and checked throughout the entire production process, and this attention to detail ensures all our wheels are evenly tensioned and will stay truer for longer.

GCa 650b - Pillar 1416 double butted j-bend
Front Drive Side 276mm
Front Non-drive Side 276mm
Rear Drive Side 278mm
Rear Non-drive Side 278mm

GCa 700c - Pillar 1416 double butted j-bend
Front Drive Side 295mm
Front Non-drive Side 295mm
Rear Drive Side 297mm
Rear Non-drive Side 297mm

R26 - Pillar Wing aero straight pull
Front Drive Side 300mm
Front Non-drive Side 300mm
Rear Drive Side 300mm
Rear Non-drive Side 300mm

GCi - Pillar 1422 bladed straight pull
Front Drive Side 282mm
Front Non-drive Side 282mm
Rear Drive Side 284mm
Rear Non-drive Side 284mm

9i - Pillar 2016 triple butted straight pull
Front Drive Side 299mm
Front Non-drive Side 301mm
Rear Drive Side 299mm
Rear Non-drive Side 302mm

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