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Kinesis road bike saddle
Kinesis mountain bike saddle
Kinesis Elite road bike saddle
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Elite Saddle


The Elite saddle is a perfect and versatile saddle for the Kinesis UK range.
Team it up with our road, cyclocross or mtb frames.

• FILL: Light Foam - Minimal cushioning and a slim line profile.
• BASE: Nylon Fibre Injection - This Elite saddle has a sleek finish without a visible seam between the cover and the base (no stitching).
• COMFORT: Zone Cut - The opening in the base of the saddle relieves pressure on the pubic rami bones for increased performance.
• RAIL: CR-MO - Lightweight Chromoly.

SIZE: (L) 280mm x 140mm (W)


The Kinesis Elite saddle excels on high intensity road rides and is 100% waterproof providing the best convenience for cleaning and maintenance after use, great for cyclocross and mountain biking.

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