Kinesis Aithein scores 8 / 10 in Bikes ETC Magazine - Kinesis Bikes
Kinesis Aithein scores 8 / 10 in Bikes ETC Magazine

Kinesis Aithein scores 8 out of ten in Bikes ETC Magazine

In case you missed this recent review, we wanted to share it for the Aithein fans out there.

For the April 2015 issue of Bikes Etc magazine, we supplied an Aithein built up to a £2,000 price point. We were confident that it would provide an interesting ride and we’re delighted with an 8 out of 10 rating.

We prepared this particularly press bike with our stock Shimano 105 build kit except for upgrading to a pair of Reynold Stratus Pro wheels, set up as tubeless with Maxis tyres and TRP short drop R879 brakes.

Of course as we sell the Aithein as a frameset only, this means all of our customers are able to create their own build to meet their individual preferences and budget. For customers who’re not quite sure on the right build for them, our dealers are only too happy to help. With that in mind we were particularly pleased to read comments like these:

“The first reaction upon setting off on the Aithein is how comfortable it is – it absorbs road vibrations in a way we didn’t expect it to.”

“Spec the Aithein how you want it and you’ll have a great companion for everything from racing to riding as far as your legs will carry you”

For the Sportive or racing season, the Aithein is a terrific lightweight all-rounder.

Don’t just take our word for it, please read and enjoy the review and decide for yourself.

In case you missed the issue, we’ve attached the PDF so you can read it in full review.

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