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Hanse Gravel Kit List

Hanse Gravel Kit List

Words & Kit by 'Emma Osenton' onboard the Kinesis 'Tripster ATR'

Probably everyones favourite thing to obsess over, and again, everyone has different requirements and even those can change trip to trip.

One of the most important things is working out what is right for you, there’s no point in copying someone who can cope with shorts in the snow if you freeze like a popsicle at the first Autumnal breeze.

For Hanse Gravel I’m actually finding it a little tricky to work out my kit, April can be a cruel month and it can throw all sorts at you but in turn can also be gloriously hot. With this in mind my current list of clothing; which may change on the forecast. Also I really can’t cope being a total smelly scruff!



DHB Equinox bib shorts

DHB Equinox long sleeve jersey
DHB Aeron bib shorts
DHB Aeron Jersey
2x thick merino socks
1x long sleeve merino base layer
1x short sleeve mesh base layer
2x Castelli sports bra
Roubaix knee warmers
Arm warmers
Either winter DHB gloves or long finger mitts
The mighty DHB Alpha gilet (I love this top so much)
Pocket windproof
Komoot cap and a Hanse Gravel Cap.
Merino beanie.
Merino long johns
Primaloft smock
Scott lace up MTB shoes

Gosh that seems a lot of clothes when I list it up. The long sleeve merino, beanie and long johns are to sleep in.


Moving onto sleeping, I’ve mentioned before that I favour a tent over a bivvy bag.


Vaude Power lizard 1p - a crazy light tiny tent, and a shade of green which vanishes neatly into the landscape.

Vaude Norsken mat - I get cold so whilst an insulated mat is heavier its also more cosy at night.
Vaude Cheyenne 200 - A 2 season down bag.
Vaude Silk liner.

I bundle my excess clothes into a pillow but I know some prefer a small travel pillow.


As the morning sunshine wakes you, it’s coffee time. I carry the following, yes I’m a coffee fan.


Ezbit pellet stove- one pellet per day plus one spare

My beautifully fashioned wind shield (ok, yes, it’s a bit of tin foil)
Ezbit Ti mug to heat water
Ortleib drip coffee maker
2 filter papers per day plus 2 spare
2 scoops of coffee per day plus 2 spare in Ortleib non tear food pouch.
smaller Ti mug to drink from.
Ti tin opener
Ti folding spoon


In addition to this there’s obviously a micro bathroom to consider.


Folding toothbrush (I tried a sawn off one and it’s a faff)

Tiny toothpaste
Small bar of soap
Travel microfibre towel
Suntan lotion
Sportique Century ride cream
Tick puller
Basic first aid kit

I have been known to carry the head of a razor to shave my legs, you can tape it to the top of a tyre lever but I think I’ll just about last 600km without a vanity moment.

Screenshot 2019-04-24 at 13.41.04

Then there’s the rest of the bits that you hope you don’t need.


A selection of bolts

Cable ties
Bits of Gorilla tape wrapped round pump
Electrical tape
Lezyne Multitool with knife
Lezyne tubeless kit
Dental floss threaded on a needle (tyre repairs)
Lezyne pump
Spare tube
Cafe lock
Back up GPS
Regular tube patch kit
Brake pads
Split links
Mech hanger
Tire levers
Little bottle of Smoove Lube


Then of course there’s all the things you will use.


Anker power bank

EU plug with 2x USB
Cables for phone and GPS
Lezyne 700 head light
Lezyne Mega C GPS
Monzo card
Note of useful numbers

I keep one pouch for food and try to buy things which are calorie dense where possible.


I’m still dithering about clothes, it’s the north coast of Germany in April. At the moment the weather looks good but it’s hard to trust a forecast even a week in advance.

It’s ok, next blog is all about the bike!

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