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Yoga for cyclists - video 1

Yoga for Cyclists

Kinesis is pleased to be launching it’s Yoga for Cyclists video series in partnership with Briony Fisher of Breathe Bend Believe Yoga, after many of our followers expressed an overwhelming interest in our first Yoga blog. The Yoga for Cyclists video series is designed with the sole purpose of helping riders improve performance and prevent injury through the development of core strength, focused breathing, increased flexibility and improved balance.

We will be adding new videos that Kinesis followers can integrate into their training regime at their own pace, in their own time.

Before starting the videos it's best to begin in a seated position sitting with legs crossed and arms resting gently on your knees or in your lap.

If this is difficult, then use a block, blanket or cushion to sit on.

Allow your mind to quiet and start to draw your attention to your breath.

Take 10 deep breaths in your own time.

Chapter 1: In the first of our video series, Briony will take you through a short yoga sequence designed to open the chest, release tension in the lower back, lengthen the hamstrings and begin to develop core strength.

Chapter 2: In the second of our Yoga for Cyclists video series with Breathe Bend Believe Yoga, Briony will take you through postures designed to build knee stability, strengthen the quads and glutes, open the chest and improve overall balance through continued core engagement.

Use the video as a short stand alone sequence, repeat two to three times or run back to back with Yoga for Cyclists Chapter 1.

Chapter 3: The third in our series is designed to develop openness in the chest, strength in the glutes and quads and lengthen the hamstrings, while also releasing tension in the lower back. The sequence promotes the development of a strong core and knee stability through standing balance poses.

Options are given in this video to progress some postures using blocks; a great way to increase flexibility without loosing form..

Below are some images to show you how using blocks in this sequence, as a step by step progression, can help you work deeper into each posture.

Note: Chapter 3 video follows after photos.


Chapter 4: In the fourth video in our Yoga for Cyclists series, Briony will take you through a floor based sequence focusing on postures that really open and stretch the hamstrings, calf muscles, quads and hip flexors. Unlike some of the other videos in this series, this sequence is less about building strength and balance and much more concentrated on stretching and releasing muscle tension.

In this sequence try and really bring the attention to your breathing, as at times holding postures may feel challenging in areas where you might be tight. You may notice you subconsciously start to hold your breath if an area of the body starts to experience tension or tightness. Instead, breathe deeply while holding the posture and try and mentally relax the area / muscle that is feeling challenged. Remember the aim is not to force yourself lower or deeper. You want to feel the stretch without causing the body pain and so be responsible and listen to when your body tells you it has moved deep enough.

Postures are held for around five breaths each but for maximum benefit you could hold the postures for 10-15 breaths or even work towards holding for a few minutes. This sequence can be repeated a few times or combined with earlier videos for maximum physical and mental benefit.

Enjoy the relaxation at the end!"

Yoga and exercises provided within this video are to be used at your own discretion, they are not offered as a replacement or substitute for professional medical advice or treatment.

Never force or strain as this may increase your risk of injury.


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