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Sector 9i Rim

The Lightweight Carbon Rim with an Innegra Armoured Jacket. Ride without fear with these mountain bike rims.


The Lightweight Carbon Wheelset with a Suit of Armour.

The 9i mountain bike rim is waiting to be built into a world class wheelset, ready to shrug off hits on the most technical trails around. Thanks to the addition of Innegra, the 9i rim is incredibly strong, compliant and lightweight. Pair with your favourite spokes and hubs and have it your way; with the 9i rim a ride changing upgrade is a just a wheel build away.

Redefining Carbon Wheels.

Ride without fear - thanks to the addition of TeXtreme® Innegra into the layup of our rims, we've developed a rim that has 75% higher impact resistance than standard carbon rims of the same profile*. The 9i carbon rims are significantly more resistant to wear and tear and less prone to catastrophic failure.

Our Innegra™ equipped mtb 9i rims also have 50% more vertical compliance than standard carbon rim**. As a result they exhibit high energy absorption and superior vibration damping, with none of harsh stiffness associated with carbon. These are carbon rims that have the sought-after ride characteristic of an premium alloy wheelset.

Click here to find out more about the development process and the use of Innegra.

*When compared with same rim shape manufactured with 100% T700 Unidirectional carbon fibre. The 9i rim exceeds the UCI load test of 100J – and passes a load test of 120 J three times with no fracture.

**In rim only vertical deflection tests compared to the same rim shape manufactured with 100% T700 Unidirectional carbon fibre, the 9i rim deflected 50% more, without failure.

Weight: 428g (rim only)

Rim: 29mm internal - 35mm external - 25mm deep - ERD 592 | Hookless | Tubeless ready | ETRTO compliant

Rim Material: T700 Unidrection Carbon fibre | Outer layer: TeXtreme Plain Weave Spread Tow Carbon Fiber and Innegra S Hybrid

Holes: 28/32

Tyre compatibility: 2.2” to 2.6” tubeless or clincher

Warranty: Lifetime Manufacturing defect warranty | Crash replacement policy

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