KUK - Dropout 11 - Tripster ATR Mech Hanger Type 3


Dropout for Kinesis Tripster ATR V1

Due to a number of production changes there are a few different dropouts for the Tripster ATR. They look similar but they are not cross compatible.

Please note: The Tripster ATR v2 uses an all new hanger system. Please visit the Trispter V2 hanger page for replacements

Please reference your frame number (located on the BB shell) against the list below: WT-12120052 to WT-12120111, WT1309016 to WT1309047, TRIP401001 to TRIP401090 - Please use Dropout 9.

TRIP407001 to TRIP407080 - Please use Dropout 11 (Type 2).

TRIP410001 to TRIP410070 - Please use Dropout 11 (Type 3).

All frame numbers starting TRIP5 or TRIP6 - Please use Dropout 11 (Type 4).

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