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All weather handlebar tape
4 seasons road bike handlebar tape
Road bike handlebar tape from Kinesis Bikes
Road bike all weather handlebar tape

4 Seasons Bar Tape


The perfect road bike handlebar tape designed to give excellent grip and comfort in all weather conditions.

• Anti-slip PU handlebar tape with diamond pattern offers grip in all conditions.
• Shockproof layer protects your wrists from harsh road surfaces.
• Vex Gel backing provides cushioning and no sticky residue on your handlebars.
• High quality adjustable bar plugs.

Kinesis UK products are designed and manufactured to exceed the high standards of the world’s best cyclists.
To ensure the function, reliability and high performance of your new Kinesis UK road bike handlebar tape, it is recommend that you seek the assistance of a professional bicycle mechanic to install and adjust the Kinesis UK accessory.

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