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thermal jacket for cyclists
Kinesis UK cycling thermal jacket
Kinesis thermal jacket
Refelctive strips on thermal jacket
thermal jacket for cyclists
Kinesis UK thermal jacket
Kinesis cycling thermal jacket
Thermal jacket sleeve
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cycling thermal jacket
thermal jacket from Kinesis Bikes UK
Kinesis Bikes UK thermal jacket
Thermal jacket for cyclists

Thermal Jacket



Kinesis UK have teamed up with Mobel Sport Sportswear to offer a windproof, waterproof cycling thermal jacket.

The dynamic breathability of this fabric offers elasticity, resistance and comfort.

Now available as buy direct, click on Availability below.

• Wind and waterproof front panel.

• Rest of garment: pill Lycra, flexible and protects against cold.

• Zip back pocket with reflective details.

• Pockets shape adapted to natural movement of the cyclist.

• Waist silicone gripper.

ZeroWind® is the innovative hydrophilic membrane with exceptional characteristics.

ZeroWind® stands out any other membrane on the market thanks to a very special characteristic: its dynamic breathability.

What does this mean? Everybody knows that waterproof membranes must be also breathable to guarantee comfort and to maintain the right body balance.

This means that there must be an exchange between the inside and the outside ensuring the outgoing of the water vapour (sweat) produced by a body in action.

Obviously the heavier the activity the higher the production of sweat.

A normal membrane which has always the same level of breathability continues its work also when the body slows down or stops.

As breathability involves also a loss of body heat, this continues also in the “resting” stages and therefore the body gets cold.

All this doesn’t happen with ZeroWind®, because it has the capability to adjust its breathability to the level of physical activity being performed: more movement = more sweat = higher breathability; less movement = less sweat = lower breathability = lower loss of body heat.

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