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Essential everyday cycling jersey.

Shaped to fit the body perfectly in road-bike positions.

The body and sleeves of this cycling jersey are made from Asteria Lycra featuring the (UPF50+): 14% SPANDEX & 86% POLYESTER. This technical fabric is incredibly soft and lightweight, exceptionally breathable and wicking, utilizing a compact weave of 40 threads per centimetre for micro-compression & superior heat retention, with excellent stretch and moisture management and superior UV protection, odour and bacterial resistant, offering a top-of-the-range aerodynamic advantage for world champions.

The Silicone EDGE names comes from our technology in the sleeves using the latest grip technology. This tape will keep your cycling jersey in place for your whole ride or race. The band also ensures that the jersey remains aero and prevents drag keeping the jersey tight to the body at all times.

The fully hidden invisible zip gives a seamless finish to the front of the garment. The reflective tabs work effectively giving this cycling jersey great visibility for evening and early morning rides. Finally both the mens and womens cycling jerseys come with a shower proof zipped back pocket.

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