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High performance race season jersey
Grey and white Kinesis race jersey
Mobel race jersey details
Race jersey details
Kinesis UK race jersey
Race season jersey from Kinesis Bikes
UV protection race jersey
Elastic and breathable race jersey
Kinesis UK race jerseys
Kinesis UK race season jersey detailing
Kinesis UK racing jersey
James wearing Kinesis UK racing jersey
Rcaing jersey worn by James

Race Jersey


The Kinesis UK high performance Race Season jersey is hand crafted by Spanish bespoke clothing designers Mobel and is the perfect choice combining the latest in technical sportswear design.

Elastic and breathable, this race jersey offers protection against UV rays.
The best option for the most demanding cyclists.

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• Spider micropeforated fabric in armpit and nape for sweating improve.

• Pockets shape adapted to natural movement of the cyclist.

• Waist silicone gripper.

• Full zip.

NB: Please note Team Blue Kit may only be raced in BC races by affiliated Kinesis UK riders.

• Fresh Comfort fabric, this race jersey is made from a durable, lightweight and extremely comfortable mini piqué microfiber fabric.
• Full cam lock zip; in the downwards position it won’t open itself and in the upwards position it allows easy opening with one hand.
• High/standard neck collar
• Anatomical elasticated rear pockets work with the natural movement of the cyclist and allow easy access.
• Professional gripper around the waist holds the race jersey securely in place
• Pro grip band on the race jersey sleeves which sit comfortably against the skin keeping the sleeves from rising up without causing irritation
• Fully sublimated.

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