Stu Dick

Stu Dick

Year of birth: 1982

Community is the heart of cycling.
Stu has been cycling all his life, but over the last four years has been regularly found on two wheels. When he’s not cycling, he is thinking about cycling, buying things for cycling, or engaging with fellow cyclists through social media.

Stu has been a fan of Kinesis since buying his first (and only) gravel bike in 2021. Since then, they have been on many adventures together, including taking on the Loch Ness 360 with 42 Cycling and exploring Glen Feshie and Loch An Eileen thanks to Ed Shoote’s Gravel Rides Scotland book.

Stu takes a lot of pride in his Kinesis G2 bike in Khaki green and when not riding it, will most likely found cleaning and polishing it. He is often complimented on the cleanliness of his bike. He plans on acquiring a Kinesis road bike in the future that he can spend many hours polishing. He might not be the fastest on the road, but his finish is beautiful.

He is a committed club member of Elgin Cycling Club and recently became a committee member in the hope he can give something back to the sport and help other riders locally.

Stu commutes daily to work, either choosing his shortest 1 mile route in the winter months and extending it over the nicer seasons. He would probably get to work quicker though if he didn’t stop to snap the many photos he shares on his socials.

He is well under way in his planning preparations to tackle Land’s End to John o’ Groats in June 2023, which he plans to complete over 10 days. Through his following on social media, many followers are signing up to join Stu on various segments throughout his adventure to keep his spirits up and provide welcome encouragement.

Kinesis Bikes

G2 BIKE - Khaki Green | Tripster ATR - Titanium

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