Saz Harris

Saz procrastinated writing this profile by going on a bike ride, which probably tells you all you need to know

Saz has been cycling all their life, “encouraged” to help at triathlon events by their Dad before deciding to give it a go themselves. From triathlon, she dabbled in mountain-biking, crit-racing, gravel-riding and road-racing, and has just started exploring ultra-distance bikepacking. This year, they participated in both All Points North and the Transcontinental Race, and loved the adventure and solitude that comes from cycling such extreme distances. It was for these races she got her Kinesis G2, which is now lovingly titled “mushy peas” after noticing the similarities in colour during a (slightly delirious) chippy stop during an audax.

She is also involved in cycling activism, joining community groups in order to campaign for better cycling infrastructure and increase WTNB (women, trans, non-binary) representation in cycle events.

Their next big challenge is getting through medical school, but rest assured she’ll still be finding lots of exciting things to do on bikes!

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G2 - Khaki Green

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