Emma Osenton

Year of birth: 1977

Never shy to try

Emma is a character that will surprise you with her “can-do” attitude to her cycling. Originally a member of the collaborative “Kinesis-Morvelo Project” race and social media team, she has been a fan of Kinesis frames, in particular Titanium, for many years.

Emma jokes about her lack of off-road skills, but the places she takes her drop handlebars on the Tripster ATR would leave most people walking. A fan of the Three Peaks Cyclo cross epic she loves to showcase outlandish dress sense and use her experience to beat fitter riders.

Often enjoying a role as a ride guide, Emma has also been a regular innovator of events like City Cross and Aggregate100. Her creative and often alternative viewpoint keeps everyone on their toes and her witty social media is a joy to follow.

In 2018 Emma embarked on a unique challenge, a little know about bike-packing race, the Grenzsteintrophy. The route follows a historical border between the former West and East Germany, riding on an over-grown and often broken up concrete tank road that was used to patrol the border. The journey required a unique Kinesis build featuring the Titanium SYNC hardtail frame coupled with a Lauf mountain bike fork for comfort. The mental and physical scars from the journey will probably last a long time but at least Emma has even more to talk about down the pub now.

Kinesis Bikes

TRIPSTER ATR - Titanium | SYNC - Titanium | GF_Ti - Titanium | TK3 - (four season) | EVO 5 - (cyclo-cross)

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