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Roy Hunt

Year of birth: 1955

In it to win it

There are not many UK mountain bikers who have raced consistently for as many years as Roy. Never having an “off season” Roy has enjoyed a lifetime of mountain bike Cross Country racing and Cyclo Cross.

He is a familiar face in the North West, where his working life is as a successful sales agent for Kinesis UK parent company Upgrade Bikes.

Roy was part of the launch for our new hardtail mountain bike “X” and rode it to an inaugural victory at the reborn Malverns Classic in 2018. Expect to see him at regular events next year with a very lightweight and race-speced build on this new model.

Roy won a Silver medal in the over 60 MTB National Championships and was 1st place is the over 65 sub category. Racing aboard his Kinesis “X” race frame with Lauf TR29 fork.

Below Summary of Roy's 2019 Season Pre 'Cross
(Words by Roy).

We went out to Spain to race in Almuneca XC Marathon, 60km off road event, 350 competitors, finished 2nd place in the 60s category.

Then it was round one of the Crank it MTB series at Lee Quarry, nice sunny day - didn't have my glasses on when i entered so ended up on the 40 vets category, finishing 4th. Then it was back being race organiser for round one of the Midweek MTB Madness at Leverhulme Park in Bolton. All the family get involved in organising the vent Carol, Amy and also help from Mick, Doug, Carolynn. It was a great evening, summer and day, we had record number of entries for a madness round juts over 140 riders. Then we went on to the second round of the madness two weeks later at Haigh Hall, was complete opposite with weather, cold and very wet but still had a good turn out in numbers and a good evening of racing.

After this it was back out to Spain, Lanjaron for a marathon on the Sunday, very technical course. On the evening before they had a circuit race through the town centre which as unreal, have a look at the video clip over 700 riders took part in this. It went through peoples gardens, markets, lorries etc was a great event. I won both the street race and the marathon in the 60 category.

Then it was round 3 of the Midweek Madness at Chorlton Waterpark, i got to ride in the vent as it was a different organiser for this round. It rained all day making a flat course more challenging and treacherous but it was a really good race, finishing 6th in the Senior event.

After my last race at Brighton Big Dog, I will start training for my 'cross season National Championships Round 1 Derby (Mid-September)

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