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Briony Fisher

Year of birth: 1983

Briony is a Yoga teacher in Brighton and an avid outdoor adventurer. Her love of climbing and hiking has taken her to the peaks of 4,000+m mountains around the world, including summiting Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Weisemeiss in the Alps, Mt Toubkal, Morrocco and Icelands highest peak mt Hvannadalshnjúkur.

“I've always loved cycling but felt a bit intimidated by “the scene”. E-bikes feel like a bit of a game changer for your ordinary peddler like me. I can jump on a bike and enjoy way more adventure with a little bit of help from the battery. Less car use, better for the planet, more fun… its a no brainer.

Briony first worked with Kinesis putting together some short yoga videos for all the cycling enthusiasts out there looking to keep their bodies in top condition.

“My Father was a GB triathlete, Ironman finisher and marathon runner but he struggled walking into a room full of lycra clad 20/30 year old women to do yoga. He knew all the benefits that a class would have on his body, yet he didn’t like the vibe, so he never went. Strangely enough “the scene” intimidation seemed to work both ways.

So it was great to film the first Kinesis online Yoga for Cyclists series in 2017. Online yoga takes away any need to feel self-conscious and cyclists can start to look after their bodies in a way thats going to support their profession or hobby at a time that suits them.”

Briony is the yoga teacher at Premier League football team Brighton and Hove Albion FC, where she works with the First and U23 teams to improve strength and mobility, while using meditation & breath work to promote relaxation and recovery.

A mum of two, she is also pre and postnatally qualified and uses yoga to help stay calm in the face of toddler tantrums and dinner / desert negotiations.

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