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Berk Okyay

Year of birth: 1982

Ride, eat, sleep then ride, eat, no sleep.
Berk is an ultra long distance rider.

This year Berk will ride the TCRno6 for the third time. Berk's first race was TCRno4. He took actively part in organizing a long distance self supported race called Trans Troy Race last May from Canakkale to Kemer (1200km) which was the first of this kind in Turkey. Other than that he raced a few Gran fondos.

Berk is everyday on bike having both short and long distance adventures. Sometimes crossing borders to neighboring countries like Greece and sometimes inside Turkey - usually towards the sunny and beautiful Westerm and Southern regions of the country.

"I have to tell you, I wish to do other adventure races too. Hopefully, the IPWR next year. These races and adventures are real motivations for me. It is very exciting as you never know what will come up during your ride. It's a great feeling to be on the road exploring different places and your inner self."

"l ride Kinesis 4S Disc TCRno5 and l really enjoy this bike, it is fast, comfortable and strong frame. This Year l will ride new GTD Titanium. I am curious about this bike."

Kinesis Bikes

4S DISC - Met Grey/Purple | GTD - Titanium.

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