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The new Kinesis Pro 6

A new PRO6

A reworked classic

Almost from the day it was released the Kinesis Crosslight Pro 6 has been one of our most popular models. We always thought that creating a great Cyclocross race frameset but then adding the extra versatility of bottle cage, rack and mudguard mounts would be very popular and so it proved.
The Pro6 was designed first and foremost to be a great Cyclocross race bike but the extra versatility we added help many people find a place for it in their stable. They’re used for racing, for training, for commuting and the big clearances even allow you the option of a transcontinental type of ride. It’s not supposed to be a ‘Jack of all trades’ though – the design brief was make it fast and adaptable. In fact our brand manger and team rider Bruce uses one for training and racing as a more adaptable partner to his pair of CXRACE bikes.
We now taken all the things we liked about the original Kinesis Crosslight Pro 6 and moved it forwards again with the V2 recently released.

The new Kinesis Pro 6 frameset

The Kinesis Pro 6 frame is now updated to include the new Shimano flat mount standard which tucks the disc caliper neatly inboard out of harm’s way – it’s still fine to run a post mount disc brake with an adapter, so we think this is future proof. We’ve also redesigned the hydraulic hose routing, making it internal to de-clutter the frame and keep it out of the way when you’re carrying the bike.
Also new for this season is provision for Shimano Di2 wiring with ports for front and rear mechs to give you more flexibility in how you decide to build the bike up. To assist in these builds, our carbon seatpost is also available separately and is designed to hold an internal Di2 battery. The new Pro6 is also another of the bikes in our 2016 range to get an additional 55.5cm size that we hope will help more riders find their perfect position.

The new Kinesis Crosslight Pro 6

Some key features stay the same, like our race proven geometry that we’ve evolved in perfected over 15 years. Also we’ve continued to choose a terrific Kinesium tubeset that allows for a fine ride quality at a tough weight and a strong reliable frame.
With the original Kinesis Pro6 we also had a wonderful response to the colours and graphics we used on these frames and we’ve worked hard to make the new V2 frames look even better. We’re delighted with how they’ve come together and hope you will be too.
The new Pro6 is available now and the frameset price is £649.99. You can also check how many we have in our warehouse on our new website by clicking on the “availability” tab.
Kinesis Crosslight Pro6 framesets do sell fast but we have regular shipments arriving, so if the size and colour you want isn’t available today, you can pre-order and guarantee your place in the next shipment.

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