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More than a Blue Dot

It's been hard to write much about the sad and untimely passing of the much loved and widely respected Mike Hall. However we felt that this poem about Mike by our mutual friend Luke Humphreys, said much of what we feel.

We were working on some fantastic things with Mike, and we are determined to see them reach reality to honour his diligent, well thought out and inspired drive to make things better.

More than a Blue Dot

A knowing smile, strong and kind . Character and strength of mind. Tea bag packed for a mountain brew, Such a determined point of view.

Around the world, Trans this, Trans that. Tarmac gravel dirt and all there was only ever one Mike Hall.

Troubles melted by pedalling strong, keep on searching on and on. A mind refused to be confined by life's constraints. So free and willing, such iron debates.

A void left that can't be filled, no matter how far or how many hills. You were special to us. so humble and proud, for us you always stood out from the crowd.

With us forever, in our legs and in our hearts. Rolling forward to the next adventure, ever searching for new trails, new gravel climbs. When we each come to join you, go easy on us Mike.

No more blue dot to follow, the edge of my seat will grow cold. I will do my best to honour you, I will go out and adventure, not sit and stew. A brother lost but not forgotten, too many inspired to mention all. There was only ever one Mike Hall.


This song was shared on a playlist between Bruce Dalton and Mike Hall just before he left for Australia.

Now go out and #BeMoreMike

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