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Swindon to Sicily for Angela

In this blog we talk to James Stewart about his unsupported charity ride to Sicily on a Kinesis 4S Disc. James has been involved in Kinesis UK since starting as a team rider in 2009 with the then Kinesis UK road team. Over the years, James has been an integral part of the development and testing of Kinesis products whilst also working with many of the dealers you know and love around the central and western part of the UK.

We sat down in his home in the Cotswolds and talked to him a bit about what lead him to this idea, as its big challenge to attempt.


Reasons why you chose the ride and charity

Rett syndrome is something my sister has suffered with her whole life. After 32 years we never knew what the condition she suffered with was. In recent months our family found she has Rett syndrome. Angela has never walked, talked or been able to do anything for herself her whole life. Essentially she has been locked in but with many other cruel side effects as well. I always wanted to do something in her honour but until now never knew where to direct any funds raised. Reverse Rett is the charity who are carrying out research and making progressive steps to cure the condition for good.


Notable race wins

Winning Eddie Soens in 2011 was my biggest victory, it’s the biggest opening season race in the UK and that was pretty special. I also took 3rd in a tour series round and scored a team victory the same night was also a highlight. I retired from pro racing in 2012 to concentrate on my 2 kids, wife and developing my business.


Interesting facts about you

As a former Kinesis UK team rider in 2009, whilst riding for Kinesis I turned the passion of racing bikes into a self-employed sales agent role. I've been selling Upgrade bikes brands to bricks and motar independent bike stores ever since. I like cars more than bikes.


Favourite products that you’ll use.

Reynolds aero 46 wheels. They’ve been bomb proof in testing and feel incredibly fast and stable in cross winds (even with the huge surface area of the whole bike with inline luggage). The 4s frame. I love the colour and the versatility to be able to run discs or callipers and have big clearances for the 28mm tyres I've opted for.

Another favourite of mine is my MET Synthesis Nightlights helmet -which has a glow in the dark skeleton. This will assist my visibility in tunnels and as my camping nightlight! It also has a neat usb 'automatic' rear light which turns on/off automatically as you come in and out of the dark (ie tunnels).


Full comprehensive kit list. •
. Kinesis 4Season disc
• Reynolds aero 46 disc
• TRP hi road 140mm rear, 160mm front
• Ultegra di2 52/36 11/28 (but taking charger just in case)
• Continental 4 season 28mm clinchers
• Apidura large rear bag and Apidura MTB medium frame pack
• Lezyne power 900, Strip drive rear, 2 Lezyne femto fronts (see my little innovation on tri bar plugs). Femto rear. SV11 tool, power levers, 3 smart kits with tyre boots, road drive pump, 4 tubes, 2x 700ml bottles
• 2 shorts, 2 jerseys, 2 pairs of socks, arm and leg warmers, light weight shower cape, Gore-Tex rain jacket, winter gloves for Swiss climbs, long finger liner style gloves for cold starts and a cap for shade/wet miserable days.
• 1x buff,
• Base layers:1x warm, 1x cold weather.
• A tee shirt, convertible trousers than can be shorts, swim shorts (fast drying and hoping for a few dips in the Med) Columbia down jacket, Small towel, and 1 pair of boxers l. I considered no civvy clothes but figured in restaurants I may get some weird looks or turned away without them.
• 1-man tent, summer sleeping bag and inflating floor matt. I got the lightest and smallest I could here. I'm using waterproof bags for tent, sleeping bag and clothes too.
• Lotions and potions are sun cream, mozzy cream deet 50%, chamois cream, Savlon and first aid bits, toothpaste etc.


Other than that it’s just battery, leads, plugs, handy luggage straps etc.
Oh yeah and THE most important item... A water pistol Haha. This was my 7 year olds idea! I've ridden in Sicily before and remember constantly being chased by dogs. Theres only so much water I can afford to squirt at them from my drinks bottle. The water pistol uses barely any goes futher! It will of course provide a bit of entertainment for me too.

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