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Kinesis Racelight Aithein Cyclist magazine review

Plenty of punch

A really nicely written article on the Racelight Aithein from Stu Bowers in Cyclist magazine #20. We sent them a SickGreen Aithein and they built the bike to their own spec.

Kinesis Aithein Cyclist magazine review

“It became apparent that the Aithein’s got a racier side than I first suspected. The Aithein’s pedalling platform is solid laterally and delivers plenty of punch on demand…you’ll never be left feeling short-changed in terms of power transfer.”

“Kinesis has always had a finger on value. As such the Aithein build is one of the least expensive bikes I’ve reviewed for Cyclist yet it’s a long, long way off the bottom of the heap in terms of ride quality. Its performance is rewarding on many levels and certainly belies its price tag.”

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