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Battle on the Beach '17

The Battle on the Beach 2017. Intro film by us at Kinesis UK we are proud sponsors so take a look at what makes this such a vibrant and exciting bike race!

Kinesis have supported The Battle on the Beach for the last few years, its an event that draws riders from far and wide to ride any bike they see fit.

Battle on the Beach-26

800 riders lined up under clear skies on Mothering Sunday. Tension and excitement build in equal measure.

Battle on the Beach-27

Off the start, those in the know ran those with thighs of steel or lack of knowledge rode with little success.

Battle on the Beach-29

It's quite a sight to watch 800 riders stream up a beach.

Battle on the Beach-32

Beach race specialists Team Imming were straight to the front.

Battle on the Beach-48

Dulwich in the dunes.

Battle on the Beach-51

A CXRACE in its natural environment, on the shoulder.

Battle on the Beach-58

Riding to your race is impressive, more impressive if your riding some 200 miles to get there.

Battle on the Beach-59

The sun shines on the sandy cyclists.


Smiles on the podium.

Battle on the Beach-24

Support the youngest in the sport.

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