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Cyclocross Essentials | Hannah Payton | Kinesis Bikes

Cyclocross Essentials with Hannah Payton.

National CX Series Champ, Hannah Payton talks about the Five Cyclocross related things she simply can’t be without.


1) Three CXRACE Bikes

My bike is obviously the number 1 essential. The fact I have 3 makes everything a lot easier. I can pre ride the course in 1 and leave the other 2 in perfect condition ready to race on. I've then got a bike to race on, a spare in the pit and another spare in case it's really muddy and I'm doing half lap changes or in case one bike has a mechanical.


2) FMB Tubs.

Tub choice can give a great advantage in cross and I'm lucky that I have a selection to choose from dependent on the conditions of the course.


3) CLIF Bar.

A CLIF Bar is part of my pre race meal. It fuels my ride and I don't know what I'd use as an alternative if I didn't have one.


4) Topeak Pressure Gauge

My Topeak pressure gauge is an absolute essential. Tyre pressures are super important in cross and I rely on it to get the pressure in my tubs exactly right.


5) Studs.

I'm quite fussy with shoes but this season I've been racing in the Giro Empire VR90 that were custom made for my little feet and are really comfortable. The studs are the essential part. They make the world of difference when trying to run up muddy banks and give you the grip to power up instead of sliding back down to the bottom.

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