Cyclocross Essentials | Bruce Dalton - Kinesis Bikes

Cyclocross Essentials | Bruce Dalton | Kinesis Bikes

Cyclocross Essentials with Bruce Dalton.

Kinesis Brand Manager and Team Rider, Bruce Dalton talks about the Five Cyclocross related things he simply can’t be without.


1) My 4SDISC

Having a winter bike with a power meter that is set up identically to my race bikes means I can just get on and make use of what little time I have to train. It means I can have a fast and comfortable riding road bike with discs that keeps my adaptation between road and cross bike to a minimal level, I even train on MTB pedals so I have the same power platform. I know that when I go out to do intervals It will feel as close to my race bike as it gets with the benefits of full guards, 28mm tyres and a power meter to tell me to work harder!


2) Morgan Blue Hot Race Oil

There is something nostalgic about the smell of a race and for me, I know its time to go ride hard when I smell the strong smell of embrocation. The activation to stimulate capillary blood flow and the tingle that follows gets my head focused. Rubbing it onto my legs means its race time. It also helps for cleaning afterwards and is essential in rain when wearing less clothes is key to staying warm whilst racing. I use a heavy waxy balm by Morgan Blue over the top if conditions require.

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To truly state how good this jacket is, is difficult. Its super light and provides a waterproof breathable jacket that pops in a jersey pocket, when rolled up it’s the size of a banana. I carry it always during winter, it means you can carry on riding an interval session in the rain and not drown in sweat! It’s the sort of product you think, why didn’t I have one before. The best thing is you can just shake it vigorously and pop it away, it’s a permanent membrane so never gets wet.


4) KitBrix

I love the simplicity of a product that makes a muddy and complex sport easier, I use them to divide up my mucky kit after race, my warm clothes for at the start and even use them as a wash bag. They are totally waterproof so I just hose them out when I get home and wash myself in them after a really muddy race. The Pokit makes a great start line bag as well, so I get my helper at the start to chuck my kit from the start line in it it also holds a lezyne Portashop for start line tweeks and a hand pump for final adjustments.


5) CLIF Buildbars and Nuun in my bottles

CLIF make the best tasting bars to fuel my adventures, they are calorie dense easier to eat even in winter and grabbing a build protein bar in the short window of recovery time. I find eating when I’m busy racing and being easy to digest makes CLIF a great choice, no synthesized ingredients in them!
I pair them with a rainbow of Nuun Electrolyte Tabs as even in winter it’s easy to forget how much you sweat, being not overly sweet they are easy to drink.

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