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Words 'Emma Osenton' onboard the Kinesis 'Tripster ATR'

I know you’ve all been waiting to geek out over our different bike set ups. Whilst it’s true that you can bike pack with any bike it’s often nice to see what others are doing to help you with your choices.

Bridge photos taken in #hamburg



For me I’ve had a long love affair with the mighty Tripster ATR having ridden it through from the first prototype to it’s current incantation the V2. Over this time my gears have got lower, my stem shorter and my tires wider. It’s like floating along on a very comfy fast sleek beast. For Hanse Gravel I’ve made a few alterations, I say alterations, what I really mean is that after a hard life and a Yorkshire winter or two, I’ve had to replace nearly everything that moves. Actually thinking about it, it is everything that moves!

I have however considered the type of ground we will be covering, Northern Germany is sandy and flat and the weather is quite dry. I’ve gone with the Challenge Gravel Grinder 42 as it’s basically a giant tubeless file tread, just about as perfect as it gets. I’ve also put s 38T Praxis Wave ring on the front rather than my usual 36T to give me a slightly higher gear (to keep up with the other two fit young things!).



I have a passion for Cyclo-cross and most of my build has been bought across from my Cyclo-cross bike which is currently out of action until the season starts again. I also have the benefit of working for Upgrade Bikes, the parent company of Kinesis, so I was able to borrow one of their sample frames for this ride. I would have used my Kinesis CX Race frame but it doesn’t have bottle mounts – a key requirement for this trip!

My MicroSHIFT gearing uses the old hack of running a 9 speed MTB mech with 10 speed road shifters (they have the same pull ratio). This allows me to run a 10 speed wide range cassette with a long cage mech and road shifters – something usually only available to 11 speed groupsets. I’m running a dynamo hub on the front which is connected to a B+M E-Werks to charge a power bank whilst riding, and that bank will then recharge my phone and GPS in the evening. We will hardly be using lights as we are riding during daylight hours only, and off-road, so our lights should last the whole trip without needing a recharge.

My main job at Upgrade Bikes is to project manage new products for Kinesis, so there are a few prototype parts on my build which are being tested. I’d love to tell you about them but….



My bike was a vanity project seeing Emma doing all her epic stuff on the tripster around Europe. I wanted some of the adventure, but MTB scare me, so I essentially copied her old setup with some extras. It’s been dubbed the pimp bike because it was initially 100% ultegra components, has hydraulic brakes, a gold chain and gold cable outers…

It is now a mix of ultegra, CX50, deore and a wolf tooth hanger extender to clear a big cassette. The intention was to have a bike I could ride all year long on- or off- road and it proves to be one of the most versatile I’ve ever had. Although I did do a couple of CX races on it “for fun”, it’s definitely not a pure race machine, and is perfect for the type of riding Hanse Gravel will be, and so attach hall sorts of things to it.

Tall, long wheel based, and comfy like an armchair on 40mm tires, I wouldn’t think of using any other bike for a tour!

I left on it the silly gearing I had on 3 peaks as I couldn’t be bothered to change it to something else, but with the 46 big front ring, I should be able to drop Emma on the flats! Coming from the road, I have no idea about tire treads, pressures, technical off-road riding and very little about camping… So she’ll catch-up in other places.

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