Kinesis Racelight GF_Ti detail photo



SEAT POST: 31.6mm [not included]. SEAT CLAMP: 34.9mm [included]. FRONT MECH: 34.9mm. BB: 68mm. British.

HEADSET: Integrated, 41.8ø upper, 51.8ø lower, for taper head tube. FSA No.42/ACB headset included with frame. Both bearings are ‘ACB’, meaning ‘Angular Contact Bearings’. The head-tube seat angle is 45º

The headset drops into a tapered seat in the head tube and is tensioned using a headset tensioner within the fork steerer. Tensioning the headset centres it on the taper and prevents any play. The larger lower bearing allows a tapered steerer and larger crown. This gives sharper response and helps reduce flex under braking.

FORK: ‘TRACER 1.5′ Full monocoque, Unidirectional [UD] carbon fork with mudguard eyelets, clearance for full size mudguards and 28c tyres. Included.

Ti3AL/2.5V: An aerospace grade alloy, 94% titanium, 3% aluminum and 2.5% vanadium. This is one of the strongest alloys of titanium available in a seamless tube form.

CWSR: ‘Cold Worked Stress Relieved’ tubing. The tubing is shaped cold and then goes through a process to remove the stresses built up within the tube during forming.

R2000 Stays: Seat stays have a 2m radius curve. We tried ‘hourglass’ bend and various different curves and found a 2m radius was best for both comfort and performance over distance, which is what this frame is all about.