Kinesis Maxlight XCPRO3 detail photo



SEAT POST: 27.2mm. SEAT CLAMP: 31.8mm. FRONT MECH: 31.8mm. BB: 68mm. British.

HEADSET: The XCPro3 uses a ‘ZeroStack’ headset for 50mm OD Head tube. The bearing
cups must be press fitted into the frame and the bearings drop into these. Use a standard ZeroStack headset for straight 1-1/8″ steerer [Headset not supplied].


SPF: The XCPro3 uses Kinesis developed ‘SuperPlastic Formed’ tubing
technology for it’s top tube and down tube. SPF is similar to ‘Hydroforming’, but uses far higher
temps. to produce complicated shapes in thinner wall tubing than was
possible with Hydroforming. The result is lighter weight tubing that can
be formed to make the frame perform exactly as we require.

HYDROFORMED: The XCPro3 Chainstays are ‘Hydroformed’. The unformed tube is placed inside a specially machined former and hydraulic fluid is forced in under extreme pressure, forming the tube shape very accurately.

KINESIUM: Developed by Kinesis International, Kinesium is a superb tubing for use in lightweight, high performance frames. Kinesium is enhanced 6000 series Aluminium alloy, which is 25% stronger than 6061 at the same weight level. Kinesium’s properties make it an ideal material for a very light, tough, responsive frame at an affordable price. Superior properties over other alloys, allow for a much thinner wall dimension, thereby dramatically reducing overall frame weight without compromising strength.

manufacturers are forced to use ‘off the shelf’ carbon components and
stays for their frame construction. Because Kinesis design and make
their own carbon stays, we can ‘tune’ the carbon lay-up to match the
characteristics of the frame, resulting in a great feeling, responsive,
balanced and comfortable ride.